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Council Statements and Policies

Freedom Of Information Publication Scheme (adopted 17th May 2016)

Training Statement of Intent (adopted January 2010)

Statement of Intent of Community Engagement (adopted 12th October 2011)

Complaints Procedure (adopted January 2010, amended September 2012)

Risk Management Strategy (adopted 13th March 2013)

Council IT Policy (adopted 11th December 2013)

Protocol on Member / Officer Relations (adopted 21st July 2014)

Code of Conduct Complaints Proceedure (adopted 10th December 2014)

Council Core Strategy and Vision Statement (adopted December 2012 and revised January 2015)

Budget Setting Procedure (adopted 11th February 2015)

Risk Register (reviewed and revised 21st March 2017)

Corporate Governance Report (Part 1 Annual Return - Approved 15th March 2016)

Data Protection Policy (adopted 6th May 2015)

Equality & Diversity Policy (adopted 30th June 2015)

Press and Media Policy (adopted 21st July 2015)

Leigh Town Council Volunteer Policy (adopted 22nd September 2015)

Grant Awarding Policy (adopted 5th January 2016)

Leigh Town Council Action Plan 2016

LTC Co-option Procedures at a Council Meeting 2016


Council Staffing Policies and Documentation

Maternity Policy (adopted 13th October 2010)

Grievance and Disciplinary Proceedure (adopted 6th December 2011)

Health and Safety Policy (adopted 12th September 2012)

Dignity at Work / Bullying and Harassment Policy (adopted 12th March 2014)

LGPS - Employer Descretion Policies (adopted 10th Speptember 2014)

Staff Handbook 2015 (adopted for Staff Consultation 30th June 2015)

Recruitment Policy (adopted 21st July 2015)

National Agreement on Pay & Conditions of Service 2005 (The Green Book)