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Allotment Rents 2016/17 and Tenancy Agreement


Starter Plot

Half Plot

Full Plot

  Rent Water Total Rent Water Total Rent Water Total

Over Retirement Age & JSA

£8.50 £2.00 £10.50 £13.00 £3.00 £16.00 £26.00 £6.00 £32.00


£17.50 £2.00 £19.50 £26.00 £3.00 £29.00 £52.00 £6.00 £58.00

Returnable Site Deposits

    £15.00     £25.00     £50.00
Key Deposit £5 per key (access to site) except Marshall Close where it is £10 Tenancy Agreement & Allotment Rules
  Rents become due on 29th September each year

How to apply for an Allotment

Contact the Leigh Town Council Office in the Leigh Community Centre on 01702 716288 or email stating which site you would like a plot, Leigh Allotments or Marshall Close. In the case of the Manchester Drive site, it is administered by the Manchester Drive Allotments Society whose contact number is 01702 476867 or email . If there is a waiting list, you will be added to it. If there is no waiting list the site representative will contact you to meet on site and show you the plot. If you wish to proceed you can then return to the office, sign the tenancy agreement and pay the rent due. There is an additional charge of £5 for the key to the gate which is refundable should you give up the plot.

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council manages three Allotment Sites




Manchester Drive Map Leigh Allotments Map Marshall Close Map
Manchester Drive Allotments has 225 Plots and is accessed
via the main gate in Manchester Drive or the gate in
Randolph Close
Plot Map
Leigh Allotments has 104 Plots and is accessed via a driveway from Manchester Drive
Plot Map
Marshall Close has 10 Plots and is accessed from an alleyway off
of Marshall Close
Plot Map


Manchester Drive Allotments has an Allotment Society which assists in the running of the allotment Manchester Drive Allotment Society (MDAS - Website) who collect the rents on the Council's behalf as well as undertaking other self improvement works and maintenance, running a shop with a store container and meeting room near the entrance with Manchester Drive. Last year MDAS undertook a joint project with the Council to improve security on the site with a grant of £5,000 towards the first phase of the new northern boundary 2m high palisade fencing. The Council have recently concluded an Allotment Service Agreement with the Society to undertake allotment maintenance services Agreement Document


Photato Patch MD Allotments 05 Allotments General View 04
Allotment Spuds Growing Earthed Up Allotments General View Allotments General View
MDAS Shop MD Allotments Onions Allotments General View 01
MDAS Shop Allotment Onions Allotments General View