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90 for 90


Leigh Town Council celebrated the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen by inviting Leigh's new nonagenarians to a special birthday afternoon tea at the Leigh Community Centre on Sunday 12th June.


Bob's Barbershop and U3A Ukulele royally entertained with a good old fashioned sing song.

Our picture shows Phillip Hopkins and below is his magnificent poem that he performed for us all

This Year, Dear Lord I’m 90 but there’s much I have not done,

I hope, Dear Lord, you’ll let me live until I’m 91.

And if by then I’ve not completed all I want to do,

Please let me carry on until I’m 92.

There are so many places that I have yet to see

D’ you think that you could let me stay and get to 93?

The world is changing very fast and there is so much in store

So on second thoughts, I’d really like to live to 94.

And although I can’t do dancing and never learnt to jive,

Perhaps you’ll let me hang around and get to 95.

And after that I’d like to think that if my heart still ticks

I’ll still be here another year and live to 96.

I know it must be very nice to reach the gates of Heaven,

But would you kindly put if off until I’m 97?

Maybe by then I’ll be quite tired and should accept my fate

But I’d really like to battle on and get to 98.

I still have all my memories and can’t have much more time,

So am I asking just too much to live to 99?

I’ve had a long and happy life, but I have sometimes wondered

Just how it feels to wake one day and find that I’m a hundred?


For information, phone Leigh Town Council 01702 716288.