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Farmer's Market

Come and visit the Farmers' Market run by Leigh-on-Sea Town Council


9.00am to 12.00noon

For more information call: 01702 716288 or email:

Market dates for 2017
Friday 17th February
Friday 17th March
Friday 21st April

Friday 19th May

Friday 16th June
Friday 21st July
Friday 18th August
Friday 15th September
Friday 20th October
Friday 17th November
Saturday 23rd December (8.30am Start)

Farmers' Markets are now an established way for people to buy food products from farmers or producers as freshly as possible.

These markets now cover the whole country, and have grown considerably in this part of Essex. Leigh, however, had the first Farmers' Market in this area and, we think it is still the best, being small and friendly, but maintaining a wide range of products for all.

A television programme worked out the miles that food travelled for a normal meal, with bacon from Denmark, beans from Kenya, potatoes from Cyprus etc. etc. Just think how much energy was used in getting that food to the table, and the time taken, compared with products bought at a Farmers' Market.

The Leigh Farmers' Market maintains its original principles in terms of distance producers travel, the requirement that only the producers are allowed at the market and agents or third parties are not. We will continue to concentrate on food stuffs and on locally produced products.

Regular stallholders at the Leigh market are: 

- Sarah Green Organics, who have a wide range of quality assured vegetables in season.  

- Highfield Farm bring beef joints, steaks, mince etc. from their rare breed cows.

- Leigh's Fine Cheeses - Leigh Doy brings a huge range of artisan cheeses from around the country.

- Ann Cushion from Leigh - Brings runny and set honey from her local hives.

- Hilltop Farm in Benfleet - Maureen Perkins brings apples and pears during late summer and autumn, and soft fruit and plums during the summer.   

- Rhyne Park Farm from Bures, bring pork and bacon from their Glouster Old Spots, Saddlebacks and Large Blacks, as well as a selection of lamb products from our previous supplier Layer Marney Farm.

- Liz Smith - A supplier of a large range of garden plants during the summer months.

- The ChilliChutney man has a range of high quality chutneys and sauces with chillies made in Leigh-on-Sea.

- Elixers of Life from Canvey, supplies healthy skin products made from natural sources.

- Brown Bread - Bread and pasteries

- Cinamon and Sugar - Specialist Continental Cakes

-Essex Brewery - Wide selection of home brewed Essex Ales.