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Strand Wharf Refurbishment

Strand Wharf 2014

Strand Wharf 26th November 2014 (Before works commenced)

Strand Wharf February 2016Benching Brick Piers

View of Strand Wharf 8th February 2016

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The project started in 1998 with the formation of a Strand Wharf Steering Group with the initial intention of forming a Trust with the goal of keeping the wharf a public open space without any commercial development. In 1999 LTC started the process of negotiating a lease with SBC in order to protect the wharf from unwelcome development as SBC were unwilling to grant a lease to a trust with no financial status.

In 2000 a refurbishment scheme was promoted amounting to £231k. A report went to SBC Cabinet in November 2000 suggesting a 125 year lease be granted with conditions set as to usage and responsibility.

As part of the lease negotiations a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was needed to limit vehicular access to the wharf, initial discussions took place in 2007 to this end finally being concluded in 2016 with a TRO prohibiting driving on the wharf except for authorised vehicles, loading and unloading on Strand Wharf.

Negotiations took place between SBC, LTC and Sea King regarding their access rights between 2006 and 2014 when Sea King’s Lease was renewed giving them parking rights for two spaces on the Wharf with right of access incorporated into the Strand Wharf Lease.

A draft lease was provided to LTC’s Solicitors in 2001 with many derivations since. The current draft lease was produced in 2013 and refers to a Quay Plan which is now effectively the granted planning permission of 2015. An Agreement to Lease was signed in December 2015, the full lease will be sealed on completion of the project.

Strand Wharf Fund:

Up until 2012 each year LTC put aside money for the project. In November 2012 this stood at £74,408. Additional funds were added to the fund from the Capital Projects fund to make it up to the present £116,334.98 to cover the projected cost of the project.

Refurbishment Scheme:

In 2013 LTC appointed an architect to develop the scheme; various paving types were suggested with discussion between planners, LTC and the architect. Initial thoughts were for a resin surface; this was then changed to concrete paviours which the planners and SBC as landlords did not favour. A planning application was submitted in September 2014, there then followed lengthy negotiations regarding the details of the scheme.

LTC altered the paving to tumbled limestone setts and conditional Planning Permission was granted on 19th March 2015.

Strand Wharf Plan 2014


Tender Process:

LTC appointed Baines in August 2014 to be the Quantity Surveyor for the project and to project manage the contract. A Bill of Quantities was produced and published as per financial regulations. The initial tender process resulted in one submission which was above draft budget; the tender process was therefore repeated with four valid tenders. Prior to this meeting an Extraordinary Council Meeting will appoint the successful tenderer as the Contractor for the project.

Strand Wharf Expenditure:

The budgeted sum for the project is £134,844.30 with a projected spend of £129,850.59, completion is now anticipated to be mid March 2016.