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Chairman's Charity

Each year the Council's Chairman will select a charity that they would like to support throughout their term as head of the Council. Events and initiatives are then run throughout the year to support the charity, most notably at Carols on Strand Wharf, where all proceeds and donations are given to the Chairman's elected charity.


Council Chairman Valerie Morgan says, "When I was elected Chairman I realised I needed a charity to support for my year in office. I decided I wanted it to be local and to benefit young people with problems and on looking around, Southend YMCA ticked both those boxes. I hope over the year to raise some money for them and to raise their profile in the Town."

Southend YMCA work with children, young people and families providing education, accommodation, positive activities which further personal, social, cultural and moral development and health & well-being services. 

Southend YMCA Mission Statement:

Our organisation aims to "stand in the gap" through delivering safe and effective services which address the needs and aspirations of children and young people and helps to transform their lives.

This means that as adults they are in employment, have a decent home, a living wage, good health, emotional well-being and can sustain family and community life.

Southend YMCA Overarching Aim:

To be an innovative, resilient and sustainable young peoples charity delivering social value